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Our satellite clinic makes accessing treatment stress free for Hayley

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Hayley, 34, from Leamington Spa chose to pursue IVF at Warwickshire Fertility for its location, reputation and personal treatment. Hayley explains:

“After I married Ken, we started trying for a baby straight away. When nothing happened after a year, we saw our GP. They were fantastic, immediately running tests and after reviewing these, referring us onto a NHS fertility specialist.

“That’s when things started to slow down, appointment wise. We had to wait two months for our first appointment and then a further three months for our referral. Almost six months of waiting when I knew I wasn’t getting any younger was quite stressful. So we thought about what we could do to speed things up, and decided that although we qualified for NHS funding, we would opt for private treatment.

“We looked for clinics and selected Oxford Fertility based on its reputation and its satellite clinic’s location in Stratford-upon-Avon. I run my own retail business so I was hoping to fit my appointments around work and take as little time off as possible, so discovering Warwickshire Fertility was amazing as it allowed for this. It meant I could avoid any long journeys to appointments and did not have to tackle the infamous hospital car parks at other IVF clinics. I could attend all of our IVF appointments without taking too much time off work.

“We spoke to friends about our choice and was delighted to hear that they had also been treated by the team at Warwickshire Fertility and sang their praises. So we completed the clinic’s online form and was able to make an appointment with a consultant for as soon as it suited us. There was no waiting around.

“At our first appointment our consultant spoke frankly, giving us a wide range of options, together with their pros and cons. Every interaction we’ve had with the clinic since has also been brilliant – from the receptionist, to the nurses and even the online portal! You can tell they really care about you as an individual, you’re not another anonymous person on the books.

“We’re not surprised that Warwickshire Fertility is doing so well in Stratford-upon-Avon. It has made such a difference to our experience as I’m sure it has and will to many others.”

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