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IVF after testicular cancer helped Holly and Jon

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Before meeting Jon, Holly Wright, 33, was lead singer for a platinum-selling band in South Africa. They met by chance at a James Bond party. It was only three months after meeting her ‘perfect man’ when Jon discovered he had testicular cancer and later that year it came back again in the other testicle. Although it was a shock and they felt as though their plans and dreams had been taken away from them, Holly and Jon focused on getting Jon better.

After a wedding in St Albans, they were ready to try to see if their plans to build a family could become reality. By then they’d moved into ‘Jolly Cottage’ in Hertford with their loyal Dalmatian, Bertie, they now wanted to see if they could be joined by Jolly babies.

Before treatment, Jon froze some sperm and was advised it would be unlikely they could have children.

After Jon’s diagnosis Holly and Jon went for a walk around a beautiful lake and Holly asked him what is the one thing in this world you want. His reply was to look his own child in the eye. Holly’s mission was clear. Holly knew Jon would “make an amazing dad one day”, but didn’t know which route would work for them.

Natural conception was not an option and so they were referred to Oxford Fertility, as they were advised that they would be the best people to treat them. Holly and Jon underwent IVF with ICSI. Holly produced lots of eggs, most were of low quality, but one good egg fertilised. But sadly the embryo didn’t embed. Undeterred they tried again, and on the second attempt, two of Holly’s four eggs fertilised. Both of these were transferred and one embedded – Holly was pregnant. They were overjoyed.

Holly gave birth to Minnie in July, in a birthing pool in her basement with Jon and Bertie the Dalmatian, ‘the third midwife’ overseeing everything.

Jon and Holly are still amazed and thankful for the treatment they were given, helping to bring Holly into their lives. It has enabled them to realise the dreams they thought cancer had taken away from them.

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