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IUI delivered a wonderful family unit for Nancy and Jane

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For Nancy and Jane, IUI helped deliver their ‘wonderful irreversible family unit’:

“We first met during a hockey match. We got together, then married a few years later. We both felt it wouldn’t be just the two of us forever, and after a few of our friends had children, and shared their experiences, we decided it was right for us.

“So Nancy visited her GP who referred us to a clinic in Birmingham. During our first consultation, it was clear this clinic wasn’t right for us. It felt like an interrogation, we felt like a number and left being unclear on our treatment options. But it all worked out, as literally on our way home, we googled fertility clinics and Oxford Fertility popped up. We did more research, including reading patient reviews, and felt it may be the right place for us.

“When we arrived at Oxford Fertility, everybody was so welcoming, and put us at ease straight away. No question was too silly.

“As Nancy was approaching 35, we’d decided she would receive the treatment, but during her tests doctors found a polyp. This needed to be addressed at our local hospital before any fertility procedures could be considered. Unfortunately, treatment included a coil to be fitted for at least five years to stop it happening again. We were disappointed, but Nancy’s health had to be our main priority and so we decided I would undergo the fertility treatment instead.

“Returning to Oxford Fertility, the consultant was so helpful. Given I was 27 and because I had no fertility problems, he advised that IUI would be a good option for us. This is where a clinic inseminates semen into the uterus when the body is ready to ovulate. This sounded good, as it didn’t involve any drugs and was far lower cost than IVF.

“Our consultant also provided advice on European Sperm Banks we could access to select a sperm donor. Looking at these we were overwhelmed with how much information on each donor you can access. We looked to match our dark hair and green eyes, and also wanted a donor who was active, to share our interest in sports.

“It felt like I whizzed through the treatment and before we knew it I was pregnant! Because of my age and health, the nurses said they thought we had a good chance. We couldn’t quite believe how straight forward it was for us, and nine months later Joshua arrived! Although, given it was a Friday 13th, he did arrive breach, and so I needed a caesarean section.

“Joshua has changed us 100%. We’re now a wonderful irreversible family unit. We’ve discovered new depths to ourselves we never thought was possible. It’s immeasurable.

“Using a clinic such as Oxford Fertility meant that our health and the health of the donor was 100% checked. We spoke with the clinic’s counsellor and felt reassured that donors also go through counselling to ensure they’re doing it for the right reasons, not like the home deliveries you hear about who are motivated by getting forty pounds in their back pocket.

“When it comes to something as important as a child, you don’t want to take any chances. For anyone looking at their fertility options, I would say do your research. We researched everything to death and I’m so glad we did.”

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