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Horsepool’s story

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“In the year of 2015 we took our first steps towards getting help to conceive. We got to choose between nurture and care for our fertility treatment. When looking up success results and doing our research we choose nurture fertility to help us in our time of need, and how glad we did too.

From start to finish and even after our bundle of joy was with us the support we received was 110%. So in April 2015 we went ahead and signed all our consent papers to go ahead with treatment and from there our journey began from consultations to counselling support.

Then in June 2015 came the more nerve-racking, real life part of our journey the drugs and most scariest part the self-medicating injections. I am the most terrified person you could come across of injections but I have to say with my hand on my heart it is a mind game and truthfully they are no where near as bad as you may think or other people make them out to be. Following all this drama or not, came the early morning scans to check up on the process of the medication. All is going ok. My eggs seemed to be developing great just needed some extra time for them to be correct sizing for them to be collected. My eggs got collected around the end of July 2015 and it was a very positive outcome and going forward from this we created a good count of embryos too. We rang and waited each day to seem how our future babies were getting on and all the figures sounded promising. So I prepared myself with some last minute medication to get my body ready for implantations and continued this treatment at the beginning of August 2015. We then waited the most long lasting 2 weeks of our life to see if treatment had worked.

And YES a successful pregnancy. The most amazing feeling after the last few moths of all the worry, emotions and fear we got the result every couple dream of. 

We then went on to the routinely 6 week scan at nurture to reassure us of the heartbeat and then to be discharged to follow on our journey as a normal pregnancy. Our 12 weeks scan came around mid October 2015 and we had bad news. We found out our baby had a serious health problems which lead to us making to most horrible decisions of our life’s together as a couple, to terminate the pregnancy . As a couple we felt this was the best decision for both our baby and for us.

We had a break period for my body to get itself back in to the best possible state and for us to be emotional ready for us to try again.

So in late February 2016 we was ready to start the process again, as from previous treatment I had embryos I could use for this treatment so therefore I didn’t go through the whole IVF cycle again i just needed a frozen embryo transfer. Once again all medication was delivered at my home, was taking all that was necessary, again unfortunately this included injections, then all necessary scans etc and then came to transfer day. All went well and two very healthy embryos were transferred, and then the horrible 2 week wait.  Well it came the day to take the test. The wonderful team at nurture had made our dreams come true once again by seeing a positive result. Our 6 week scan came and we saw a very strong heartbeat which was lovely, but as a couple we were dreading the 12 week scan.

In early June 2016 it was the day of our 12 week scan and we were both had a mix of emotions.

Well all I can say from this day forward the rest was history, with our beautiful baby daughter Florence Olivia who was born on 19th December 2016 and we can’t say thank you enough.

The team at nurture are amazing in every way and you are in the best hands from start til finish.

Thank you once again

The Horsepool’s x “

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