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Emma and Luke’s Story
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Emma and Luke’s story

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Emma and Luke from Chelmsford, had been together for 7 years before they decided it was time to start a family. Their story ended with double the happiness and they couldn’t wait to share their good news.

Emma and Luke decided in September 2016 they were ready to start a family together and after 18 months of trying with no success, they both decided it was time to have some investigations to see why they weren’t conceiving and also what they could do to help themselves. They were heartbroken to find out that Luke had a low sperm count and therefore IVF was their only option of having a family.

Simply Fertility was local to the Chelmsford couple who remember signing up to attend an open evening and absorbing as much information as they could.

It was instantly a welcoming atmosphere and the staff were so lovely so we knew this was the place for us. We had a consultation in December 2017 but didn’t start treatment until the following April. The clinic told us to take the time we needed before starting the treatment process.


Although apprehensive at first, Emma decided to use Simply Fertility’s acupuncture service and although it’s not scientifically proven, Emma feels it was beneficial to her successful cycle.

“The acupuncture definitely helped calm me and I was willing to try everything to increase our chances. I knew of a few people who had it with IVF and recommended it.”

Once treatment had started, it was fairly straightforward, with Emma needing one less tracking scan than originally planned.

“On embryo transfer day, we had 2 embryos put back as they were of a lower quality and the two week wait between transfer and test day was hell and felt like 2 years but when that positive result showed up, I couldn’t wait to call the clinic and tell them the news!”

Around a week after her positive result, Emma had some cramping and bleeding and felt like the worst was happening. The bleeding did stop and a couple of days later, they came in for a pregnancy scan where they were relieved to see a baby and hear a strong heartbeat.

A few days later, Emma had another bleed but this time the blood was bright red and a little heavier than before so she came in for a repeat scan to check everything was OK.

This second scan showed a little more than they saw last time – there was a second heartbeat!

“We came out of the scan room and Luke’s face was as white as a sheet. I remember everyone laughing at how shocked we both were but of course also congratulating us.”

Fast forward to January 2019 and Arthur and Henry were safely delivered into the world.

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