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Emily & Mark’s Story - Portsmouth Satellite Clinic
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Emily & Mark’s story

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For Emily and Mark from Hayling Island, baby Matilda was always going to be a very special arrival. For Wessex Fertility, the birth of Matilda also marks a huge milestone, as she is the first baby to be born through treatment at its Portsmouth Satellite clinic.

Emily and Mark met in 2012 following Mark’s discharge from the army. “We spent a few years together having fun and getting to know each other. We started to talk about babies when we lived in Portsmouth, before moving to Hayling Island where we knew we’d found our forever home, so we decided to start trying” remembers Mark.

The couple had been trying for a baby for 3 years when they decided it was time to seek help. “We had an appointment with our doctor, who referred us to a local hospital for some fertility testing” recalls Emily.

I had an AMH test which showed I had a good ovarian reserve, and Marks semen analysis came back normal, but when it came to the HyCoSy test to check my tubes, the doctor noticed a problem with my right tube straight away.


Emily was advised to have her right fallopian tube completely removed. “I was told that no tube was better that a damaged tube, so I had the operation to have it removed”.

When Emily had recovered, the couple decided to stay within the hospital clinic and to embark on IVF treatment. “We went through the treatment process and were feeling hopeful because of Emily’s good ovarian reserve, so were really disappointed to discover that there were no eggs collected at the egg collection procedure” remembers Mark. “We had a review with our doctor and weren’t satisfied we had the answers we needed, so decided to stop treatment and move on from the clinic”.

Feeling disheartened, the couple considered their options and decided to look into other fertility clinics. “I did some research online and found Wessex Fertility. I saw all the great reviews and spoke to Mark about our next steps, we agreed that Wessex looked like the place for us” recalls Emily. In September 2017, Emily and Mark attended Wessex Fertility for their initial consultation and instantly felt at ease. “Just walking into Wessex Fertility we already felt a lot more positive, it was really warm and welcoming, everyone was really lovely!

"It didn’t feel like a hospital or a clinic” remembers Emily. “We had sent test results and notes about our previous treatment into the clinic before our consultation, and when we had the appointment, the Doctor had already read through them and was prepared with some advice for us, which really made us feel like individuals and not like a number as we have done before”.  The couple were given a plan for their IVF treatment by Dr Nuttall and advised that a good response was expected from Emily’s ovaries. “We still had it weighing on our minds after no eggs were collected previously, but felt reassured that we would be doing a few things differently in this treatment cycle” remembers Mark.

Emily began her stimulation medication and prepared for the day of egg collection. The couple used Wessex Fertility’s Portsmouth Satellite clinic based in Waterlooville, which aims to minimise travel for Portsmouth patients by offering consultations, scans and blood tests.

The satellite clinic made all the difference in our treatment. Dr Guyer and Nurse Lorna were fantastic, and went above and beyond for our care. They are a lovely small team.


“Having the Portsmouth clinic cut out the stress of driving down the M27 regularly, which can be a nightmare. This also meant less time out of work for us, and just made the whole process so much easier” adds Mark.

When the day of egg collection arrived, the couple still felt concerned about the number of eggs that would be collected, but were delighted to discover the news they had been hoping for. “We had it weighing on our minds about what had happened previously, but when I woke up at the clinic following the procedure, they told me straight away that 11 eggs had been collected. I couldn’t believe it!” remembers Emily. Emily’s eggs were fertilised with Marks sperm and placed in an incubator called EmbryoScope. Of the 11 eggs collected, three successfully formed embryos, meaning that one could be transferred to Emily’s womb, and the other two could be frozen for future treatment. Following the embryo transfer procedure, the couple had a two week long wait to discover if they had been successful. “The wait felt so long!” remembers Emily. “I’d had a few stomach pains which felt a bit like period pain so was expecting to see a negative test. I did the test in the bedroom, and couldn’t believe it when I saw the test said I was pregnant!” remembers Emily. “I heard Emily let out the biggest yelp! It was a lovely moment” adds Mark.

In October 2018, after a healthy pregnancy, Emily went into labour 3 weeks early. “It was a difficult birth – it was really hard work, but I know these things don’t always go to plan!” remembers Emily. After a long labour, Emily gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Matilda, the first baby to be born through treatment at Wessex Fertility’s Portsmouth satellite clinic. “Holding Matilda in our arms for the first time was amazing, looking back now at what we went through, we just knew it was all so worth it”.

The couple feel extremely positive about their treatment at Wessex Fertility Portsmouth Satellite clinic.

We haven’t got a bad word to say from start to finish, we would give Wessex a 10/10. They took all the information we gave them, digested it and made a proper plan for us. They were our good luck charm, but even if we hadn’t been successful, we have no doubt that we would have been looked after – the care is outstanding


The couple are enjoying life with their beautiful baby Matilda.

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