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Chris & Laura’s Story

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Nottingham couple Laura & Chris Jackson share their male infertility story:

I met Chris 12 years ago on Facebook. We had lots in common, both lived in Nottingham and my Dad and Chris even worked for the same company, Toyota in Derby. We were 22 and not ready to start a family yet. We never considered we would have a problem when we did.

When we were 26 we started trying for a family but after a year with no success, we went to see our GP to see if we had anything wrong. It was a really anxious time and we both started thinking of all the reasons why we were having difficulties. The GP was great and got things moving quickly for us. We both had tests to find out if anything was wrong.


It turned out that Chris was born with an undescended testicle and the operation, he had to fix this problem left him with scar tissue and reduced sperm. Because he had been a baby, he had never given this any thought before now. We were both shocked to hear this, especially Chris and the whole situation felt totally daunting including which fertility clinic to choose. Chris feels that male infertility should be something men are much more aware about and the impact it can have on you. It is so important to talk openly about men’s infertility stories so you know you are not the only one. 1 in 7 couples have fertility issues in the UK and the factors that affect men’s fertility should be discussed just as openly as they are for women. In our case there was nothing Chris could have done better but it would have been good to have known that this operation as a baby could have affected his fertility.

We chose Nurture because of their success rates and turned up for our first appointment clueless at what to expect. We met Dr.Nick-Raine Fenning and he could not have been more helpful. Right from the start he put us both at ease and explained that the best course of action was ICSI. Nothing was too much trouble to explain to us, he even drew diagrams! We left feeling very hopeful and optimistic. Our treatment went really well and the nurses were always so welcoming and reassuring to us both. We were absolutely thrilled that our first round on the NHS was successful and our beautiful son Jacob was born 8 years ago.

Two years later we decided to try for a sibling for Jacob and go privately for another attempt and we were delighted to welcome Theo to our family 5 years ago. We are now both 34 and going back to Nurture for one last attempt and it is so lovely to see the familiar faces of the nurses and team at Nurture who have helped us create our family so far. We are very excited and nervous to be going through it for this third and final time. We’ll keep you posted!

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Laura Chris and family

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