Carly & Paul’s Story
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Carly & Paul’s story – Wessex Fertility’s 4000th baby

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For Carly and Paul from Fareham, baby Bertie was always going to be a very special and long-awaited arrival. However, Bertie’s birth also marked an exciting milestone for their treating clinic Wessex Fertility, when he became the 4,000th baby to be born through their treatment.

Carly and Paul had been trying for a baby for two years when they decided it was time to seek help. “We first went to see our GP who did a blood test to see if I was ovulating, which I was. I was then referred for another test at our local hospital”. After months of waiting around and feeling like they were getting nowhere, the couple decided it was time to take matters into their own hands. “We didn’t realise at the time that we could get the fertility tests done straight away privately without referral. We decided to speak to Wessex Fertility, who I had heard about through my work, and booked an initial consultation to go through the tests we had already done and discuss the best to treatments available for us. Paul already has a son, Stanley, so we knew we wouldn’t be entitled to any funding, I just wish we had gone to Wessex in the first instance rather than waiting for the various referrals on the NHS” remembers Carly.

The consultant recommended IVF treatment with the possibility of the addition of ICSI on the day of treatment, as Paul’s initial sperm test showed signs of a low count.

The Wessex team were really friendly and after being messed around a lot previously, everything with Wessex was so straight forward with everything done there and then in our appointments, which was so refreshing. They also recommended lifestyle changes for both of us which were really helpful.


Carly begun her medication and prepared for the day of egg collection. “The injections took a bit of getting used to, but they weren’t too bad! Our scans leading up to the egg collection indicated I had Polycystic Ovaries, so I was expected to produce a high number of eggs” recalls Carly. On the day of egg collection, Carly had an incredible 29 eggs collected, which were mixed with Paul’s sperm. “As a result of the lifestyle changes recommended and generally less stress, Paul’s sperm count had significantly improved on the day of egg collection, so luckily we didn’t need the ICSI procedure” remembers Carly. Of Carly’s 29 eggs, 12 fertilised, and 4 went on to form good quality embryos. Carly unfortunately suffered from OHSS, which occurs when the ovaries overreact to fertility medication, and so the couple’s embryos were frozen whilst Carly’s recovery was monitored.

“As soon as I was well enough, I started the medication to prepare for the embryo transfer again” remembers Carly. Following the embryo transfer, the couple had the two week wait before taking a pregnancy test.

We saw each stage as a hurdle, and just took it one step at a time so I didn’t get my hopes up too much.


"Sadly our dog died two days after the transfer, so it was a really emotional time and I couldn’t think about the wait too much, I was also so nervous about taking the test so tried to block it out.” recalls Carly. Carly took the pregnancy test, and finally got the news the couple had been hoping for. “The test was positive! It was amazing. After seeing so many negative pregnancy tests in the past, it was a bit surreal to see a positive one. I took a photo of the test straight away and sent it to my mum. We were all really excited!”.

When Carly was 18 weeks pregnant, the couple decided to find out if they were expecting a little boy or girl. “We talked about having a reveal party to let all our family and friends know the gender but Paul was going away for work so we decided to book a private scan and invited Paul’s mum and dad and my mum along. We found out we were having a little boy, it was a really special day!”.

Carly was monitored throughout her pregnancy and discovered she was expecting quite a big baby. “I also became quite overdue so it was a long wait, and I started to panic a little! I ended up being induced but he was far to comfy and nothing happened, so after 3 days in hospital I had a C-section”. On 14th January 2019, the couple welcomed their gorgeous baby boy, Bertie, weighing 9lb, 5oz. “I wasn’t prepared for all the emotions I would feel, I cried for about a week!"

Even now I can’t believe I’m a Mum. To find out Bertie was Wessex Fertility’s 4000th baby was also really special, 4000 babies is amazing!


Wessex Fertility are amazing, I’ll never be able to thank them enough, they have made all my dreams come true. They really listened to us, we felt like individuals and not just another number which was a really nice change”.

Carly and Paul are enjoying life with their new bundle of joy.

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