Amanda and Layla’s story
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Amanda and Layla’s story

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When little Jacob kisses his mum’s pregnant tummy, his parents Amanda and Layla know he is going to be a great big brother.

At 28 weeks pregnant, their second baby is due in August, a younger brother or sister for 18 month old Jacob, who was born following fertility treatment at Simply Fertility.

“We did a lot of searching online and looked at several clinics after we decided that we wanted to start a family,” explained Layla, who works in Forensics at the Metropolitan Police.

The couple from Chelmsford embarked on Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), a process that involves placing sperm inside a woman’s womb to facilitate fertilisation.

As a lesbian couple we found Simply Fertility to be most open and accepting and when we went along to their open evening, it felt nice and welcoming. We were nervous and excited, and had no idea what to expect.


Prior to the IUI procedure, screening tests and checks were carried out to evaluate the health of Amanda’s fallopian tubes using a 3D ultrasound procedure called Hycosy.

Said Layla:  “I injected Amanda with the fertility drugs she needed every day; I think I was more nervous than her.  The drugs stimulated the growth of the follicles and the drugs were adjusted to maximise our chances. The doctors closely monitored Amanda throughout the cycle with ultrasound scans and blood tests.  The process was very straightforward.

“We are so grateful to all the staff at Simply Fertility, without them we wouldn’t have our little growing family. Jacob is a caring, smart and funny little boy who we adore. We can’t wait to watch him to grow and we’re so excited to meet his sibling in the summer.”

“We know we are very lucky, because our IUI was successful the first time.  Our son Jacob was born at Broomfield Hospital by C-section weighing 7lb 8oz.”

In October last year, when Jacob turned one, Amanda and Layla contacted Simply Fertility again about completing their family.

“We’ve always kept in touch with Simply Fertility; it feels like a big family.  Everyone there is always so happy to see us and they love seeing Jacob.”

Added Amanda:  “From start to finish everyone has been attentive and understanding and we wouldn’t have been so successful without their knowledge and expertise. We feel very lucky to be able to say we are parents.”

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