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Jo and Jeff and Baby Freya
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Jo and Jeff and Baby Freya

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Jo and Jeff finally have the baby they have longed for after so many years, but it hasn’t been the easiest of roads. Freya was born in March 2019 and the couple from Wickford want to share their story to reassure other people that it is possible if giving up isn’t an option.

“Simply Fertility was, in our minds, our last chance of ever having a baby. We had been trying for 7 years with investigations in the NHS as well as 2 cycles at a different fertility clinic in Essex. We had 2 ICSI cycles which ultimately ended with no pregnancy both times. I had a really good number of eggs collected but they just would not implant.”

Jo and Jeff then made the decision to travel to Athens in Greece where they had a further two cycles of ICSI. Again, a good number of eggs were collected but they failed to implant once transferred.

They researched multiple clinics before settling on Simply and it was the location and reviews which made them want to go ahead. Both Jo and Jeff had researched as to why their embryos were not implanting and wanted to discuss with the consultant some possible further investigations before attempting a further cycle.

“We had given Mr Mohamed medical notes from our previous cycles and came armed with our own investigation requests but he had already decided we needed them which was a great relief,” says Jo.

Once the results had come back and Mr Mohamed had reviewed them, a treatment plan was put in place which included multiple intralipids and different medications.

Jo attended the clinic for an endometrial scratch and stimulation scans before being given a date for egg collection. Again, Jo had a good number of eggs collected and a day 5 embryo was transferred.

“I actually came to the transfer on my own as Jeff couldn’t get out of work but one of the nurses, Suzanne, made me feel at ease and I felt really good and positive.”

Mr Mohamed gave us the confidence from the very beginning. The clinic was always so friendly and I knew we were in safe hands. There were some appointments I couldn't make sure to work but I always knew Jo would be looked after.


Jo went back to work as she wanted to occupy herself and take her mind off the inevitable. One of the nurses called one week after her transfer to see how she was getting on.

“A few days after that phone call, I had some bleeding which was gradually getting heavier. I was sure it was a repeat of my previous cycles and my test was going to be negative again.”

However, Jo tried to carry on as normally as possible and when test day arrived there was a positive line! Fast forward 9 months and Freya was born weighing a healthy 10lb 2oz.

“The dream at the start of treatment was to hang a heart on the tree and to be able to do it to mark a successful end to our journey was very emotional. Freya is all we ever dreamed of and we cannot thank the entire Simply Fertility team enough,” says Jo.

“After all we have been through, we finally have our little miracle,” adds Jeff.

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