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Mar 1, 2020

TFP Simply Fertility runners in half marathon for Tommy’s

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Every two years, all staff within TFP choose a charity they wish to support, and a donation from every fresh IVF cycle is donated over the two year period.


In September 2019, at the TFP conference, it was announced we would be supporting Tommy’s, a charity supporting those who have experienced baby loss.

In 2018, each day in the UK, there were 2060 babies born alive, 515 babies were miscarried, 144 babies were born preterm and 8 babies were stillborn.

Tommy’s believes that parents affected by baby loss need and deserve answers as to why this is happening. Tommy’s has a dedicated team of 4 midwives who are always on hand to answer questions. The midwives offer support and advice to parents who have suffered loss and who are left with unanswered questions. Tommy’s also offers support and information to parents who are trying to conceive and also to those who have fallen pregnant.

Tommy’s funds 4 research centres across the UK. It focuses on miscarriage, stillbirth and premature births. The centres also have clinics where specialised antenatal care for women is provided for those at high risk of miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth. Tommy’s is also the largest charity to fund this type of research.

Tommy’s uses campaigns to raise awareness of baby loss and hopes that this will start to break the taboo and stigma around baby loss. Some of the more recent campaigns Tommy’s have been involved with are Tell Me Why, Movements Matter, Sleep on Side and Always Ask.

At TFP Simply Fertility, we have a member of our patient support team who has volunteered to participate in the London Landmarks Half Marathon, which is taking place at the end of March. This is a charity run organised by Tommy’s and is the only one of its kind. It will take runners around London’s biggest landmarks such as the London Eye and St Paul’s Cathedral. As a clinic, we will be raising money for our volunteer which will then be given to Tommy’s.

If you feel you may have been affected by anything you have read in this blog or you wish to make a donation then please visit Tommy’s website where you will find further information and support.

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