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Jul 16, 2021

Fertility Treatment Update – 16th July 2021

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Visit our COVID-19 and Fertility Treatment Information Hub For Our Latest Updates – AVAILABLE HERE

With the easing of UK Covid-19 restrictions on 19th July 2021, we want to reassure both current and new patients that all our clinics remain open and fully operational and that treatments are continuing as usual with our existing TFP Covid-19 protocols in place.

If you have any questions, do get in touch with us.


  • Video consultations– We have introduced virtual consultations, counselling and nurse consents to reduce footfall in the clinic during the COVID-19 pandemic. Face to face consultations (with face coverings) can be undertaken if necessary.

  • Face masks – All patients, visitors and staff should wear face coverings when entering the clinic and when in patient areas of a TFP clinic. Reception staff need to wear a face-covering unless there is a screen separating them from visitors. Our staff will also be wearing the applicable personal protective equipment (PPE) dependent on the procedures that they are undertaking.

  • Reception– You will be met at reception by one of our staff, with a SMILE (no handshakes!). They will ask you about any symptoms, request that you use the gel to clean your hands then take your temperature.

  • Moving about in the clinic– You will then be directed to your appointment. Please adhere to social distancing of two metres where possible. Our staff will be wearing PPE, but again always with a SMILE.

  • Cleaning– A rigorous cleaning programme remains in place between appointments, as well as throughout the day in the clinic. Inside the clinic, the cleaning programme pays particular attention to handrails, door handles, toilets and areas with a high touchpoint.

  • Hand sanitiser stations – These are available throughout the clinic.

  • Partners – Partners are permitted to attend for the following appointments: egg collection, embryo transfer and pregnancy scans.

More Information

Visit our COVID-19 and Fertility Treatment Information Hub – AVAILABLE HERE

If you are in self-isolation, develop a persistent new cough or a fever, please do not come to the clinic. Contact NHS 111 if you are unsure – more guidance is AVAILABLE HERE

HFEA patient information is AVAILABLE HERE

UK Government advice is AVAILABLE HERE

Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists pregnancy advice is AVAILABLE HERE.

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