Semen analysis

If you’re providing sperm for any kind of fertility treatment, a sample will be analysed first.

Fertility can change, even if you have already fathered a child. This may be due to illness, a change in lifestyle or simply age and is often nothing dangerous.

Couple and sperm

The reason you’re asked to provide a semen sample could be any of the following:

  • Assessing the likelihood of achieving a pregnancy with your partner

  • Diagnosing a sperm problem that means you may need medical help to achieve a pregnancy

  • Determining which treatment is the most appropriate for you and your partner

  • For storing semen, whether as a back-up for treatment, for preserving your fertility or before a vasectomy.

All our semen analyses are performed using World Health Organisation (2010) Guidelines. We assess:

  • Sperm count – how many sperm are present in each millilitre of semen

  • Motility – how well the sperm are moving

  • Morphology – how many sperm are of normal size and shape

  • The sample’s volume and pH.


You’ll usually get the results through the post, normally to your home address, and they will be discussed in-depth at your Initial Consultation appointment. You will be advised of what the analysis shows, how it might affect your treatment and the method of treatment that is appropriate for you.

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