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Not just a number in a long line

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We had tried for several years to conceive naturally. When it didn’t happen, we went through a four-year period with multiple IVF treatments at the Copenhagen University Hospital.

There was a time when we questioned whether we had the strength to go on, but in the end we selected three private clinics that we decided to visit.

TFP Danfert Fertility was the last one on our list, and here we experienced a completely different world. Suddenly we no longer felt like we were just a number in a long line, and Ursula did an incredible job of putting together a treatment plan that was specifically tailored to our needs.

We immediately liked the fact that the clinic was rather small, and we felt that they listened to us and treated us as an individual couple. Ursula presented some completely new ideas, and one thing we found particularly appealing was that the doctors consulted each other, thus drawing on their shared expertise. It was all very professional, and it was a relief to be able to lean back feeling that we were in safe hands.

The feeling of being the centre of attention and being cared for made us relax and feel at ease, and we experienced that the entire team of doctors, nurses and laboratory staff took ownership of the task. It was a tremendously positive experience.

At some point during the process the strategy was changed, and the doctors were not afraid to change course when they deemed it necessary. It was clearly obvious that only the best was acceptable. High ambition and great professional expertise went hand in hand, and we felt comfortable with the entire process.

The joy and enthusiasm displayed by the doctors when we finally succeeded in getting pregnant was a very heartwarming experience. It was very apparent that the fact that they had been able to help another couple getting pregnant really meant something to them as well.

Camilla Lindkvist Bergmann and Magnus Bergmann

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