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Camilla, 42 years, Mother to Oscar

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“You are pregnant”

Many years of despair, anxiety and frustration came to an end when Camilla received the good news from TFP Danfert Fertility. She only needed the answer to one question – “How many are there?” – before she could let go of the last one of her worries and allow herself to simply feel the joy and happiness of going to be a mother at last. 

A need for care and attention

Her pregnancy was preceded by a professional treatment program in the safe hands of Ursula, Kirsten and the other capable members of the clinic staff. “I had chosen a different clinic in Copenhagen at first, but when I called there to make an appointment I was told quite sternly that they would not see me without a referral from my own doctor. So I was not going there.” Instead, she chose TFP Danfert Fertility, where she was met by the friendly and helpful Kirsten who carefully told her what to do and booked an appointment for her. “I was very fragile and it took me a long time to work myself up to making the call in the first place, so I had a great need for comfort.” 

A difficult period of time

Camilla thought that she just needed insemination, and she was so convinced of this that she did not really listen when Ursula told her about the different IVF treatment options. The initial tests showed that her hormone levels were very good considering her age, and she started treatment with intrauterine insemination.

“It was a quite difficult period in which I shed many tears” says Camilla. “In addition to setting out every month feeling hopeful, which would be turned into crushing disappointment when I did not become pregnant, it was hard work having to give myself hormone injections according to a minutely worked out time schedule.

I had to sneak out of meetings at work to go to the bathroom and inject myself at specific times.” After six unsuccessful insemination cycles they agreed instead to give IVF treatment a try, and Camilla became pregnant on the first try. Oscar was born shortly before her 41st birthday. 

The best decision of my life

Camilla’s story begins with her decision to become a single parent after having given up the hope of finding “the one and only” before her biological clock stopped ticking. It was a big decision to make, but nevertheless the best decision she has ever made. And as Camilla says herself: “Had I been 35 (years old), I would have gotten another one.” It is certainly hard work to be alone with all the practical tasks, and it can be stressful to prepare a meal while at the same time having a child demanding your attention. It is also quite hard mentally to be alone with all the decisions, e.g. when the fever goes up and you are in doubt whether you should call the doctor or not. In those situations it would be nice to have someone to spar with.

However, the hardest part is when you are ill yourself and there is no one close by to help you. Camilla is lucky to have a large family and many friends who all adore little Oscar, in particular his older cousins. “He is not going to be lacking in love, that’s for sure” says Camilla with a big smile.  

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