Kirstine Sneider

Specialist in Reproductive

Endocrinology and Infertility, PhD

Specialist in:

Reproductive Endocrinology



CV and experiences

I became a specialist in gynecology and obstetrics in 2021, and during my education I have worked in Hjørring, Roskilde and at Herlev Hospital.

My field of research is recurrent pregnancy loss. In 2016, I defended my PhD thesis on the recurrence risk of late pregnancy loss and cervical insufficiency.

I have collaborated with doctors in the Nordic countries and Europe and published and presented my research in international journals and at congresses. It is important that the treatment you as a patient are offered, is up to date and has a scientific effect.

Every day I will do my best to guide you in a way that is engaging as well as evidence-based. You have many considerations and challenges before and during your fertility journey, and it is crucial that you feel heard and understood: next, we make the decisions together.


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