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TFP Ciconia Fertility Clinic in Aarhus is closing

On the 28th of July 2023, the bankruptcy court in Århus passed a bankruptcy order against TFP Ciconia Fertility ApS and attorney-at-law Søren Aamann Jensen, Accura Advokatpartnerselskab, was appointed trustee of the estate. The bankruptcy estate will be handled by assistant attorney Sebastian Vilstrup-Jørgensen and Attorney-at-law Helene Valbjørn.

People with tissue and/or cell material stored at TFP Ciconia Fertility ApS in bankruptcy will be contacted directly by the trustee with further information regarding the storage and transfer of the tissue material by the end of week 31.

Creditors with an unpaid claim against TFP Ciconia Fertility ApS in bankruptcy can file their claim against the bankruptcy estate with estate administrator Gitte Hassenkam by email to

If you have a prepaid package at Ciconia, and you have not yet used this, we refer to TFP Stork Fertility, who can help you. You can call on +45 70 60 60 90 or write to

Please note that the bankruptcy estate or the trustee does not have any influence on this and does not have the possibility to provide assistance in this regard.

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International patients benefit from expertise

International patients benefit from superior expertise

Both national and international patients benefit from our superior expertise.

Most international patients only need to visit TFP Ciconia Fertility in Aarhus once - for the treatment itself. All tests can be performed at your doctor's or gynaecologist's office.

  • Multi-lingual team

  • Online consultations

  • No waiting time for egg donation

  • All treatments offered

  • Private rooms

  • Free parking

  • Discounted hotel rates

Above-average successes

Our success rates are consistently above industry standards. Find out more about IVF, ICSI or a range of other treatments at our modern Ciconia clinic.

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Treatment tailored to you

We offer treatment to everyone who needs a little helping hand:

  • We support single, heterosexual and homosexual couples in fulfilling their desire to have children.

  • Every day we welcome women and couples from all over the world who have decided to have fertility treatment with us in Denmark.

  • We offer inseminations, IVF treatments and egg donation.

  • If you need a double donation, i.e. both an egg donation and a sperm donation, we can also help.

No nasty surprises

At TFP, our prices are completely transparent. You know exactly what your treatment will cost and what needs to be paid when.

Prices for diagnostics and treatment are tailored to your needs, so you never pay for unrequited treatment. View the price guide here and contact us if you have any questions.

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