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For more than 35 years, we have been helping babies into the world with great expertise and care. Our statistics speak for themselves. We are among the absolute elite in fertility treatment in Europe. All our clinics offer a wide range of evidence-based fertility treatment tailored to you.  

Age matters! 

Your chances of getting pregnant decrease with age. This is mainly due to a reduction in the number and quality of eggs. Female egg cells are already formed in the foetal stage. At birth, the ovaries contain about 2,000,000 immature egg cells. After birth, no more egg cells are produced, and by puberty, the number of egg cells has fallen to about 500,000. A very small proportion, about 500, of the oocytes undergo full maturation to ovulation while the woman is of childbearing age. Egg loss is thus an irreversible process, independent of contraceptive use, previous pregnancies, miscarriages, breastfeeding and other factors.  

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