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What it's like to be an egg donor

Patient hero

Hello, my name is Petra. As an egg donor, I would like to tell you about the egg donation procedure and my very good experience at the Danish Fertility Clinic.

The first interview

It all started with an interview, where we talked about what it really means to donate eggs and what you have to go through, as it is a time-consuming process for the donor. It's a very personal conversation. But they were so relaxed, I couldn't help but be relaxed too.

Egg donor with needle phobia

I talked about my fear of needles and the team at Danfert put me at ease. During both the first blood test and the first hormone injection, the fear subsided thanks to the staff and the kind and friendly nurses. The rest of the hormone treatment, where I had to do the injections myself, went really well. I had received very good information and advice on how to proceed right from the start. Apart from that, I could always call if I needed help.

The egg retrieval

When the day of the egg retrieval came, I was of course very nervous. But thanks to the kind and professional staff at the clinic, I quickly calmed down and felt more and more comfortable. They made me feel that I was in really good hands. Not only that, but I was praised and reminded that I had done something really great for a couple by donating my eggs.

They also went out of their way to ease the pain during the egg retrieval. As soon as I thought it was starting to hurt, they gave me more. This was not a problem. After the retrieval, I continued to be looked after very well. I came in, relaxed in a comfortable environment and was given painkillers for the future in case I had more pain for the rest of the day, the following night or the next day. I didn't need them though.

After the egg retrieval

You recover very quickly after the egg retrieval, which was a very positive surprise for myself. Psychologically, it was a very pleasant and calming experience. It's a bit difficult to describe because it was a very emotional process, in a positive way. The staff are super professional and really caring. I have nothing but the highest praise for them.

You give a lot away, but at the same time you get so much back. All in all I can only say that despite the challenge, it was worth it, Danish Fertility Clinic made sure of that. I can only thank them for the really good, caring and professional treatment.

- Petra

We are fortunate that another of our egg donors was willing to talk about the process. As she donated anonymously, she cannot be named.

Anette, as we call her, talks about her background and her experience of donation.

About the decision of become an egg donor

"The decision to donate eggs was not an easy one for me, but it is one of the decisions I am very proud of. Of course, it's not something to take lightly, but it can be one of the most beautiful gifts you can give to another person.

I grew up with a cousin who I can't imagine life without. She was adopted shortly before I was born and has always been an important part of my life. A few years ago, my aunt told me about her decision to adopt and the difficulties she had getting pregnant. She underwent several IVF treatments but could not get pregnant. Although I never thought of having children myself, I was very touched by her determination to get pregnant and start a family. When I was old enough, I wanted to do something to help other women in the same situation.

About taking hormones

The process of egg donation can seem quite daunting, but the fear is overshadowed by the absolutely amazing gift you are giving to enrich another person's life. The doctors and nurses at the Danish Fertility Clinic are incredibly helpful and made me feel comfortable both during and after the donation. There were no complications either with taking the hormones or during the procedure itself.

Once you have decided to donate your eggs, the staff do their utmost to make you feel safe and comfortable.

The procedure was surprisingly easy and painless

It's perfectly normal to be worried and nervous about the side effects of IVF treatment. I was nervous at first, but as I went through the process I didn't experience anything unusual. In fact, I was surprised at how painless and "easy" the whole procedure was. It never affected my life, education or other commitments and I was able to do everything as usual.

I am proud to have donated eggs

I have proudly donated my eggs several times and would be happy to do so again. If you are considering egg donation, I highly recommend it. If you have any doubts or questions, the clinic staff will be happy to help answer them and put your mind at ease.

The gift you give to another is something you will never forget".


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