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When choosing a suitable donor, we can focus our attention not only on physical characteristics such as eye and hair colour, but also on external matching, such as facial shape and features, and character traits. In order to match the appearance of your partner and you as closely as possible, we ask you to print out the matching criteria sheet, complete it, and send it to us by post, together with photos and the purchase contract.

In the purchase agreement, we guarantee professional receipt, processing, storage, and dispatch in accordance with EU directives, and we assure the correct use of the material by the attending physician. In addition, we list here, once again, the important points of the notarial agreement (no anonymity of the genetic father, basic right to know the genetic parentage of the child, etc). We guarantee the limitation of the number of children per donor and ask you as a couple to actively support us in this.

Forms to report your pregnancy and the birth of your child

To avoid inbreeding through very many offspring from one donor in one country, most countries have a quota for the number of offspring allowed per donor. This refers to the place of treatment and not to the patient's place of residence. As far as we are aware of these regulations, they are strictly adhered to.

If there is no regulation, we limit the number of offspring per country to one live birth per million inhabitants. This restriction refers to the patient's place of residence and not to the place of treatment, e.g. in the context of medical tourism.

Accordingly, it is necessary to collect as much data as possible on treatments carried out with foreign semen and to record a successful pregnancy, as well as a birth that took place.

We are also dependent on your help in this regard.

We would like to ask you to fill out the corresponding forms for the feedback on your course of treatment and for the feedback on the birth as carefully as possible.

All data will of course be treated confidentially.

To the form for feedback on the course of your treatment


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