Your most frequently asked questions


Here, you'll find the most frequently asked questions and answers, both on the subject of sperm donation in general and specifically on donation at our sperm bank in Düsseldorf.


What is sperm donation?

In a sperm donation, sperm is provided by a donor as part of fertility treatment to couples who wish to have a child and who cannot conceive by other means.

Who can become a sperm donor?

Young men aged 18 to 38 who have no hereditary or chronic diseases in themselves or in their family, maintain a healthy lifestyle and have above-average sperm quality can become donors. Appearance and phenotype do not play a role here.

Does a sperm donor have to pay maintenance (child support) for a conceived child?

No. According to the Sperm Donor Registry Act, the legal paternity of the sperm donor cannot be established by a court:

"If the child has been conceived through medically assisted artificial insemination in a medical care facility within the meaning of section 1a number 9 of the Transplantation Act using heterologous semen provided by the donor to a collection facility within the meaning of section 2, paragraph 1, sentence 1 of the Semen Donor Register Act, the sperm donor cannot be established as the father of this child", section 1600d, paragraph 4 of the Civil Code.

This exempts the sperm donor in particular from claims in the area of custody, maintenance, and inheritance law.

Is sperm donation anonymous?

  • Generally, sperm donation in Germany is anonymous. Intended parents and donors remain unknown to each other and have no possibility of contacting each other. The donor waives all information concerning the specific use of his sperm samples and receives no information about the identity or number of children conceived with the help of his sperm or their parents. Only the conceived child has the right to know his or her own parentage, and thus, only the child themselves have the possibility to find out the identity of their father from the age of 16.

Do you get money for donating sperm?

A sperm donation is a social, voluntary service in which the good deed is in the foreground. That is why we thank our donors with an expense allowance as financial compensation for the time spent. This can be up to 325 euros and is paid out in two steps.

Where can I find more information about sperm donation?

You can find more information about sperm donation here.