Donor selection in our sperm bank

These are our everyday heroes


The sperm donors of the TFP Sperm Bank are young and healthy men aged 18 to 38 who are lucky enough to be in possession of good genes. Our donors include around 100 carefully selected donors with diverse characteristics and from all walks of life. Students, artistic and creative minds, talented craftsmen, sports-lovers, and career-minded men are among our donors.

Our donor voices

"I donate to help others and to be able to make a difference."

"Some donate blood, others donate money to charities and I donate sperm to help childless couples have their dream child."

"It feels good to help others and have a good extra income at the same time."


To choose your donor

In order to facilitate the search for a suitable donor for you, we kindly ask you to complete the matching criteria form together with the agreement and send us the documents by post or by e-mail to info-spermbank_de@tfp-fertility.com.

This allows us to select donors based on your and, if applicable, your partner's appearance. In addition to physical characteristics such as eye and hair colour, we can also focus our attention on external matching such as facial shape, facial features, and character traits.

In the next step, you will receive a pre-selection of donors selected according to your wishes, which we will discuss together in a telephone appointment. After the discussion, you will have time to think about your choice of donor in detail. Once you and your partner have come to a decision after careful consideration, you can turn your attention to ordering donor sperm.

Highest quality requirements

In our agreement, we guarantee professional receipt, processing, storage and dispatch in accordance with EU guidelines and ensure the correct use of the material by the attending physician. In addition, we once again remind you of the important points of the notarial agreement (no anonymity of the genetic father, basic right to know the genetic parentage of the child, etc). We guarantee the limitation of the number of children per donor and ask you to actively support us in this.

pdfTFP Sperm Bank Criteria German
pdfTFP Sperm Bank Agreement German

Unfortunately, the agreement and the matching criteria are not available in English at the moment. We apologize for this delay.

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