Sperm donation procedure


How do I actually become a sperm donor, what can I expect at the sperm bank, and how often can I donate? Anyone who wants to donate their sperm naturally has many questions beforehand.

As a donor, you will find all the information you need about the sperm donation process here, which guarantees the highest level of safety and quality for all involved.

The procedure at TFP Sperm Bank

Step 1: Initial interview

Simply contact us by email or telephone. If you are between 18 and 38 years old and do not have any infectious or hereditary diseases, we will invite you to a detailed interview. We will get to know each other, talk through the process of sperm donation, and clarify the contractual and legal aspects. If you agree with the general conditions, and we consider you suitable, you will provide a sperm sample for an initial analysis. This allows us to determine whether the quality of your sperm is sufficient.

Step 2: Health examination

If the sperm analysis is positive, we will ask you to visit us a second time. On this occasion, we take samples of blood, urine, and sperm again for a comprehensive medical evaluation. Here, it is particularly important to rule out infectious and sexually transmitted diseases.

Step 3: Doctor's consultation

Next, a final consultation with a doctor from our sperm bank will take place - either in person or via video conference, depending on where you live. This is an opportunity for you to address any remaining questions. We will enter your data in the donor catalogue.

Step 4: First donation

Done! You are a registered donor of the TFP Sperm Bank. Now you can start with your first donation. From now on, more than 20 sperm donations are usually possible per year.

Step 5: Release the donation

We store each sperm donation for at least six months before we release it for use. Before release, we test a blood and urine sample again for infectious and sexually transmitted diseases. Often, we do this when the donor in question gives a new donation anyway. If everything is in order, the donation can be sent. With your sperm donation, you can help couples with an unfulfilled wish for a child to have a happy family. Donate sperm! Help give life!


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