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With a total of 19 centres and over 100 doctors in six countries, TFP is part of the largest network of fertility centres and clinics in Northern Europe. Our goal is to achieve above-average success and excellent quality in all areas. In addition to the medical care of our patients and empathetic patient service, we place a high value on internal processes and the further qualification of our staff. 

The best set the standards

By establishing a transnational quality platform, we set international European standards in reproductive medicine that are state-of-the-art in terms of knowledge, experience, process design, technological innovations and findings.

The satisfaction of our patients is always at the centre of our efforts. Our goal is that you feel comfortable with us. In our opinion, various factors are important for this - from pleasant practice rooms and the services offered to, of course, first-class treatment quality and a personal relationship between patient and doctor. 

The most important elements in fertility treatment are professional expertise, many years of experience and consistent quality management. In order to always remain at the cutting edge of science and technology, we are constantly improving. This happens through further training and constant exchange within the TFP Group and with other recognised experts in the field of reproductive medicine. In this way, we can always offer our patients the most innovative medical options. 

Together, we at TFP find an individual treatment path for each of our patients. We do our best in all areas - in treatment, in service, and in a trusting atmosphere - to support you on your way to a desired child.

You can find more information about our quality standards and the development of the TFP Group here.


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