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SpermFit DNA analysis

DNA analysis of the sperm for those wanting to have children


Before couples who want to have a baby launch into their treatment, all possible causes of infertility should be clarified in order to avoid futile therapies. A hidden cause of infertility may be constituted by the strand breaks (fragmentations) of the DNA in the man's sperm. There are several influencing factors that lead to this.

That is to say, even if the spermiogram shows good and unremarkable measurement results with regard to sperm concentration, motility and structure, high fragmentation values can still prevent naturally occurring pregnancy. They can also result in an increased rate of miscarriages or birth defects. To determine such values, there is the option of genetic diagnostics of the sperm, or, for strand breaks, SpermFit DNA analysis.

Chromosome testing

With the DNA diagnostic method SpermFit, we determine the degree of fragmentation in the sperm DNA. The higher is, the less likely it is that a pregnancy will occur naturally.

SpermFit is an extremely precise measurement procedure: several thousand spermatozoa are analysed to provide a statistically reliable prediction of the degree of fragmentation. The results of the test are significantly more accurate and reliable than the previously used methods.

Unfortunately, if there is a high degree of fragmentation, the chances of success for achieving natural fertilisation by means of cycle monitoring and timed intercourse (TI) and for treatments such as intrauterine insemination (IUI) and (IVF) are extremely low. This means that, in the case of such a finding, these therapeutic measures, as well as fertility treatment, can be ruled out from the start. They would devour money unnecessarily and exert physical and mental stress on the patients.

Treatment options for those with a high degree of fragmentation

There are several factors that can affect the degree of fragmentation and cannot be influenced by the patient. These include, for example, the age of the man, previous illnesses, or genetic predisposition. However, fertility patients have the potential to lower the degree of DNA fragmentation of their sperm through a healthy lifestyle. For example, by abstaining from nicotine consumption, consuming only low amounts of alcohol, having a balanced diet, rich in vitamins and trace elements, and through exercise and sporting activities, they can increase the chances of conception.

Consultation in the fertility centre

Our team of experts is, of course, here for you at any time to determine or rule out such causes of infertility or for genetic counselling.

For a SpermFit DNA analysis, the semen sample to be tested must be produced at one of the TFP centres, as the sample must be processed immediately.

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