Costs for fertility treatment for private patients

IVF, ICSI, insemination, spermiogram, sperm donation & more

For couples with an unfulfilled desire to have children, the issue of costs is of course a very important point when planning the fertility treatment. Therefore, you can view our price list here in a transparent manner. These prices apply to couples who do not receive support from the IVF fund.

As a so-called self-payer / private payer, you are 100% responsible for the treatment and medication costs yourself. If the following criteria do NOT apply to you, please inform yourself about the coverage of costs by the IVF fund.

The regulations for private payers will then come into force, for example,

  • when the woman's 40th or the man's 50th birthday,

  • if man or woman have taken deliberate measures to prevent reproduction (deliberate ligature of the female fallopian tubes or deliberate ligature of the male spermatic cord, vasectomy),

  • if you work abroad and are insured with a foreign health insurance company,

  • if you do not have a permanent residence title in Austria.

If you are a German citizen, please visit financial support from German health insurances.


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