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Fertility options for singles

IVF, artificial insemination for singles & more

Single mother with newborn baby

We would like to anticipate this issue right from the start: according to the current legislation in Austria, we are not allowed to provide IVF or artificial insemination for singles wanting to have children. We would love to point out, however, that it is of course medically possible today to have a child with one parent, and is indeed legally practised in neighbouring countries. How, despite this, can we in TFP Austria help singles to start a family?

Wanting to have a child as a single woman

In theory, it is possible for a single woman to fulfil her desire to have a child through sperm donation – either through an acquaintance or a sperm bank. Lesbian couples in Austria can, for example, become parents in this way. We fertilise the eggs in our fertility clinics by means of inseminationIVF or ICSI.

However, Austrian law always conceives of two parents here, even though countless single men and women take care of their children successfully. This means that we are only allowed to help women in a partnership. In other European countries, however, artificial insemination is indeed allowed for single women.

Single women therefore have the opportunity to contact TFP fertility clinics in Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. 

The legal situation for singles in Denmark

In Denmark, where the world's three largest sperm banks are based, there are still some legal restrictions for singles. Pregnancy by means of artificial insemination where both sperm donation and an egg donation has taken place is possible in Denmark – the so-called Double Donation. According to the Danish law, either the egg or the sperm donation must be an open donation, so that the child can find out more information about his or her origin at a later date.

Otherwise, donors in Denmark have the choice as to whether or not they wish to remain anonymous. Children born from non-anonymous donations in Denmark have the opportunity of receiving information about the donor once they turn 18. If a donation was made anonymously, the children would have no right to information.

The legal situation for singles in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, singles may be treated using donor sperm and donated eggs. However, as of 2005, these donations are no longer allowed to be carried out anonymously. The conceived children have the right to obtain the relevant information from the age of 16. A maximum of 15 families can be treated per donor, and a maximum of 25 children can be conceived. In the case of egg donations, as well, children have a right to obtain information when they turn 16.

The legal situation for singles in Germany 

The legal conditions governing sperm donations are regulated by the different states. But, as of 2018, all data about the sperm donor and treatment using donated sperm must be entered into a central register and kept for 110 years.

Children who suspect they have been conceived by means of a heterologous sperm donation then have a right to obtain information from the German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM). Children can exercise this right themselves once they have turned 16 years of age. Before reaching their 16th birthday, this information can be requested by their legal representative. However, this person is not him/herself entitled to know the details stored about the sperm donor. Persons who have been conceived before 01.07.2018 can assert this right via their doctor. In Germany, anonymous sperm donation is therefore not possible.

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