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Hormone yoga as a means of stimulating fertility

Hormone yoga is said to regulate one's cycle and have a beneficial effect on hormones, which is why it is often practised by those wanting to have children. Both yoga, qigong and tai-chi are easy-to-learn techniques that are also well suited for beginners. The various exercises involved in hormone yoga are designed to stimulate and invigorate the glands and organs of the body. Yoga also includes typical exercises for those wanting to have children, such as the so-called fertility massage: this is said to regulate one's hormonal balance, strengthen the reproductive organs and activate the self-healing powers of the body. It promotes a holistic sense of well-being and can thus smoothly pave the way for conception.

What exactly happens during hormone yoga?

Hormone yoga combines elements of Kundalini yoga and classical Hatha yoga with Tibetan healing methods. In general, hormone yoga encompasses around 20 exercises. The body system gets activated in the process. There are dynamic sequences of motion to accomplish this, which aim to massage the internal organs.

Stimulating hormones with yoga

Yoga can thus be a comparatively simple and, above all, gentle method for stimulating the appropriate hormones and thus naturally increasing fertility. In the case of hormonal or psychological causes, hormone yoga or Luna yoga can help.

Effects and areas of focus

Those who regularly practise yoga improve blood circulation throughout the entire body, relieve tension and blockages, reduce stress, detoxify, calm themselves and learn how to discover their own balance and that of the body. So, in addition to the positive effects on one's hormones, one's body, posture and mind are strengthened, and at the same time it has positive effects on one's mental and physical well-being.

The targeted exercises and techniques of hormone yoga can have positive effects on the following areas, among others:

Fallopian tubes, endocrine glands

Pelvis and uterus

Stress-related fertility disorders: increasing well-being, inner peace, balance and contentment

Blood circulatory problems

Promoting flexibility of the body, muscles, circulation and nerves

Improving the immune system and one's flow of energy and strengthening the whole body

yoga group

Exercises to replicate

There are even very special exercises that can have a positive effect on fertility.

Below, we have selected for you three hormone yoga exercises as a suggestion:

1. The shoulder bridge

This exercise ensures good circulation and relaxes the lower abdomen.

For the shoulder bridge, lie on your back and place your feet hip-width apart and as close to your bottom as possible. You should elongate your neck by pulling the chin slightly downwards. Both your arms lie next to your body. Now it is important to tense the pelvic floor and then slowly lift the hips. As far as is possible, the knees should not fall away from each other, but the legs should be kept parallel to each other. Your big toes should be pressed firmly onto the ground and your thighs ought to be activated. The lower back should not feel tense or blocked at any point. This position is now held for as long as feels comfortable. After that, you first go back onto the tips of your toes before slowly lowering the pelvis again. Repeat this exercise twice.

2. The butterfly

This exercise opens up the hips and strengthens the lower abdomen.

For the butterfly, sit on the ground with your back straight. You then first bend your legs and bring the soles of your feet together. Now place your hands around your feet and pull these closer towards the body. Now gently bob your knees up and down a few times to open your hips. Then release the posture and relax a little more with each breath. You'll notice how your knees sink further and further towards the ground.

3. Meditation

This exercise is designed to help you relax, calm down and relieve stress.

Sit comfortably on the floor or in a chair to perform the meditation. What is most important here is to keep your back upright and to make sure that your shoulders are relaxed. Then close your eyes and start to breathe deeply and slowly. Just enjoy the deep breathing. Now think of a positive image that you can visualise in peace for a few minutes. This could be a baby lying in your arms or a beautiful situation with your partner, a holiday, a feel-good place, etc.... The important thing is that it is a thoroughly positive vision and that you can see the image right in front of you. After meditating for a few minutes, slowly open your eyes and return to the room.

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