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Akupunktur für Kinderwunsch-Behandlung

Acupuncture is a key component of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and is based on the idea that energy channels (meridians) are going through our body, carrying the life-energy "Qi".If the Qi doesn't flow properly, it can cause an imbalance of our body functions. With acupuncture our body can be put back into balance.

Acupunture to stimulate blood flow in the fallopian tubes and uterus

We offer acupuncture treatment to our patients to increase the blood flow inside the uterus and the fallopian tubes. When the endometrium is thicker and better supplied with blood, the embryo is more likely to implant. Furthermore, patients experience acupuncture as very relaxing. 

In addition, acupuncture is recommended in the following areas of practice:

Preparation and support for all methods of artificial insemination (IVF, ICSI, insemination)

Increase ovarian capacity in poor responders

Reduction of drug-induced side effects during stimulation treatment

Non-drug, side-effect-free treatment method for restlessness, sleep disorders, lack of energy.

Pain reduction for endometriosis patients

Improvement of sperm quality in OAT syndrome (a treatment period of several months must be observed here).

Pregnancy support after repeated miscarriages

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Procedure of treatment:

Acupuncture is always individually suited to the patient, usually 8 to 10 sessions are useful.

The concept of acupuncture 3 to 4 times before and once after insertion of the fertilised egg (embryo transfer) or insemination has also proved successful.

For patients who do not like to be treated with needles, laser stimulation of the specific points is available.

In addition, the treatment can be supplemented with Western or Chinese herbs, orthomolecular substances or homeopathy.

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Positive effects

Studies have shown that the stimulation of certain acupuncture points led to significantly higher pregnancy rates.

After preparing an individual treatment concept and discussing the stimulation points, acupuncture is performed directly before and after the embryo transfer.

The acupuncture sessions do not take place at our institute, but we work together with external doctors.

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