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Diet and lifestyle

A healthy body works better. This also applies to fertility and pregnancy. That is why it is important when wanting to have a child to pay attention to leading a good lifestyle: a balanced diet, adequate sleep and exercise. Both being underweight and overweight can disturb one's hormonal balance, causing pregnancy not to occur. It has been shown that in such cases, a change of diet immediately increases one's chances of becoming pregnant many times over. This also helps support IVF or insemination treatments. Find out more about nutrition for those wanting to have children.



Techniques like yoga, qigong and tai chi help the body relax and keep it fit. In addition, they are said to have a positive effect on a woman's cycle and her fertility. A fertility massage is also believed to be helpful. In any case, such practices improve one's overall well-being and thus one's hormonal balance. So, if couples want to get pregnant, they can support their fertility treatment in this way. Or, of course, promote the development of pregnancy the conventional way. Find out more about yoga for those wanting to have children.


Nicotine and alcohol

Even when one is not wanting to have children, nicotine and alcohol are not health-promoting substances. But for those who want to get pregnant, it is best to completely abstain from nicotine and to keep alcohol consumption within limits. Passive smoking is just as harmful. Of course, both nicotine and alcohol are a no-go during pregnancy in any case. And once the baby has arrived, they should also be avoided.

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Acupuncture is a key component of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and is based on the idea that energy channels (meridians) are going through our body, carrying the life-energy "Qi".If the Qi doesn't flow properly, it can cause an imbalance of our body functions. With acupuncture our body can be put back into balance.

We offer acupuncture treatment to our patients to increase the blood flow inside the uterus and the fallopian tubes. When the endometrium is thicker and better supplied with blood, the embryo is more likely to implant. Furthermore, patients experience acupuncture as very relaxing.


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