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Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions of our patients.

General information

Do couples have to be married to undergo infertility treatment?

No. For procedures such as insemination or IVF treatment unmarried couples have to set up a notarially certified agreement that explains the legal consequences of reproductive medicine. Also married couples have to bring this certificate when undergoing treatment with donor sperm.

How long does treatment last?

This depends on the kind of treatment. An intrauterine insemination (IUI) is carried out within one menstrual cycle, whereas an IVF therapy, including pre-therapy, usually lasts 2 menstrual cycles. Some IVF protocols provide a preparation time that lasts up to 3 months.

How many times does a couple need to appear in person during treatment?

During an insemination cycle the couple has to be at our clinic at least for the insemination, during IVf treatment their presence is required for the oocyte aspiration and the embryo transfer. All monitorings during treatment can be carried out by the woman's resident ginecologist or in laboratory near the couple's home. Maybe it requires a little more organization but our aim is it to make treatment as easy as possible for the patients. Appointments at our premises generally happen in the morning, for patients from abroad the initial consultation can also be held via Skype. 

What are the costs for infertility treatment?

It depends on the type of therapy. Couples who undergo IVF therapy are usually covered with by the Austrian IVF-Fund who takes over 70% of the costs for an IVF cycle, if they fulfil certain requirements: there is an age limit (40 years for women, 50 for men) and there has to be a medical necessity for doing IVF (low sperm count, blocked fallopian tubes, endometriosis or PCO syndrome). Both partners have to be Austrian or EU citizens. For non-EU citizens a residential permit is required. They have to be covered by the Austrian health insurance system or, in exceptional cases, by a private (foreign) health insurance.

Patients who are not covered by the Austrian IVF-Fund have to pay fully for their treatment, the same for couples who undergo insemination or monitoring cycles.

Which are the first steps to get infertility treatment at Sterignost clinic?

First we would like to do a personal consultation with the couple, to look through their medical documentation and to prepare the best therapy program. Depending on the menstrual cycle of the female partner, as well as on our monthly agenda, treatment can be started right away. 

Which medical documents should be brought for the first consultation?

Preferably the female partner has recently done an endocrinological blood test during the first 3 days of the menstrual cycle and the male partner an analysis of the seminal liquid. If there has been done IVF treatment in the past, as well as reproductive surgery, please bring along all relevant documentation. The costs for the first consultation are covered neither by the Austrian IVF-Fund nor by regular health insurance and have to be paid by the couple. Married couples may also bring their marriage certificate.


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