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Under and overweight and infertility

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People are increasingly suffering from two of the modern world’s top diseases: infertility and obesity. Both are often belittled and/or seen as taboo subjects. But something can be done about both.

Overweight and Infertility

In Europe around 25% of the population is overweight. Sport and a healthy diet can prevent and counter act this but discipline is needed. Being overweight has many consequences including a high cholesterol level, arteriosclerosis, gout, etc. It is therefore important to take weight issues seriously and aim to maintain a healthy body weight

Change of diet

The cause probably lies in our daily consumption of bread made of wheat. Professor Davis from the USA has written a book worth reading on the topic. Davis was motivated to write the book based on the fact that people are becoming fatter from year to year, despite healthier eating and increased sport.

It is possible to undergo an individual medical assessment of how much carbohydrate should be eaten daily. The amount depends on age, weight and body size. Many people assume that only fat needs to be reduced in a diet but carbohydrates can also cause excessive weight. If the body absorbs more carbohydrates than it needs for metabolism and general energy expenditure, the liver turns the surplus into glycogen, which is then transformed into fat so that more energy can be available if needed.

Physical activity (not only during the weight loss period) plays a large role, since the metabolism and the physical vitality is stimulated in this way. Activating muscles requires energy. To get that energy, the body will use energy reserves in the form of fat. The more the muscles are used, the more energy is required. It is known that fat energy reserves start being tapped after approximately 30 minutes of persistent exercise.

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