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We regularly organise free English-language information events, both in our clinics and online, from all of our Austrian clinics. Here, you can get to know our clinic, our team, and have all of your questions about fertility treatment answered by one of our in-house experts.

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Our wide range of services means we can offer a solution to suit your individual needs. We are proud of our team of internationally recognised fertility specialists who have been doing pioneering work in fertility medicine for 35 years, and counting.

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Whatever is coming between you and your dream of having a child, we have a solution. Our state-of-the-art clinics offer the most modern scientifically-proven methods of fertility treatment to boost your chances of conceiving.

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IVF is the safest and most frequently chosen method of assisted reproduction. The ICSI procedure we use significantly increases your chances of pregnancy.


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Our guestbook

- Irmgard & Lothar -

Family life

For so many years I tried to get pregnant. Whilst for my husband a life without kids would have been fine too, for me it was unacceptable.

Desperately I searched for possibilities until my gynecologist gave me the contacts of TFP Kinderwunsch Klagenfurt. I was very happy to see how descrete, sensitive and competent the whole team was. Treatment also wasn't as uncomfortable as I thought and the most important thing - it was successful!

Now I have two beautiful and healthy children and live a happy, fulfilled family life. Getting help at TFP was definitely the best decision ever.


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